Scott Wolfswinkel



Established in 1993 by college freshman, Scott Wolfswinkel, Wolf Construction has grown to a multi-state, multi-trade, multi-million dollar construction company. 

Ever persuasive, Scott convinced friends to help him re-roof houses in Northwest Iowa to pay for their college tuition.  A true entrepreneur, Scott expanded the company during his college years to include framing, trim carpentry, siding, gutters and landscaping.  The college fund business soon became an award winning company.  Currently, Wolf Construction employs over 100 full time team members and works with hundreds of additional subcontractors.

A farm kid from Northwest Iowa, Scott was not only successful in starting a company, he also played college level football and earned a degree in Biology Health Professions from Northwestern College.  Growing up in a large family taught Scott the value of TEAM.  His believed teams allow individuals to spend most of the time doing what they are best at, amplifying effectiveness and strengthening individual weaknesses.  Scott never backed down from a challenge and pushed his teams to have that same attitude. 

Scott Wolfswinkel died tragically on September 7, 2016, while fulfilling his passion of being a pilot.  The father of four, Scott's legacy includes generosity, faith, and the true "We Will" spirit.  Wolf Construction is committed to honoring his legacy as the company moves forward together.  

Today, with projects and people in five states, Wolf Construction has grown to be a regionally recognized company, known for excellence in commercial framing, trim carpentry and roofing.  The Wolf Construction foundation is based on Scott Wolfswinkel’s values, beliefs and work ethic.  Our mission is to glorify God in all that we do.  This is the basis behind all of our actions and decisions.  

Scott’s Goal:  To change the world through construction.  Our people, processes and products will make a substantive impact and bring innovation to one of the oldest industries known to man.   We will give and maintain dignity to a blue collar industry by taking care of each other and those we interact with in the same manner we wish to be taken care of. 

Wolf Construction’s Goal:  To honor Scott Wolfswinkel’s legacy through living the “WE WILL” mentality he fostered in those who were lucky enough to serve on his team:

We Will Serve

We Will Plan

We Will Encourage

We Will Endure

We Will Finish